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February 14th, 2010

Author of my life.

Lord...my life is a mystery.Thank you for taking time to write my life story. It is all I hope for and more. I never expected it to take this wonferful journey. It is precious and satisfying. It gets exciting,it is learning and growing. It is trusting and walking in faith but i'm not alone. You walk with me.

Lord please dont forget me, dont leave me, Oh please continue to guide me in this story you wrote about me. Help me come into character, the person you wrote about. Let me meet your ecpectatipns. Let me get back home to the Author and finisher of my life.

I love you Lord....my Father, my Creator!

January 30th, 2010

6 months has passed, since Grace went to States,

Both of us are growing in the Lord, though in different country, yet was
developing beautifully in our One and Only God.

Today 30 Jan, i was led to send a colleague back, and here i am, 7.16pm,
at seng kang, a big field with many people here flying their kites.

The sun setting, projecting it's fabulous orange rays of warm and shining the
Kite-goers and showing them where their kite is.

We too, are like kites, and God is directing our path in this journey upwards
to heaven by the Wind of the Holy Spirit.

What inspired me to write this, i guessed it can only be from our Almighty One.

Oh Lord i adore you, from the depth of my heart i give praises to you!
For you shown me the path i should walk, always pulling in the strings when i am going
astray and letting go when the Spirit leads me!

How wonderful it is! to feel the wind of Lord to blow against us! refreshing us all this while!

Oh lord, i pray you will never leave me, never give up guiding me!
Set me free oh Mighty One, and set me in this world to shine your Glory!

Like kites! we fly and shine for glory for the One who is kiting us!
and this string of Jesus will never break!

Abba Father, I love you deeply and I thank you!

30/01/2010 7.23pm

June 9th, 2009

Time for her to go..

Time like this,

it's really not easy..

I thought i could take it like a man, to make myself tough so that i wont be sad.
But as the time draws nearer for my dear Grace to go for overseas studies,
i am really feeling more and more depressed.

Though it's just for a year, yet it seems so far.

even as right now we are arguing about our specific issue, God seems to be
in the middle of us all the time.

Looking over us.

Telling us to show Love to one other.

With Love, we can tolerate argument, displeasure and conflict.

As the conversation develops right at this moment,
God seems to take control of our words, giving us a wave of overwhelming love
delicated to us just by Him.

WE thanks you Lord.
For the time from 2006 to 2009.

May we continue our relationship from now to we meet u in heavens!

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